With the social media landscape shifting rapidly beneath our feet, many small business owners are returning to email as a tried and true way of communicating with and reaching our communities.

This course takes you through conscious email marketing from start to finish, helping you ramp up your newsletter strategy in a way that is effective, fun, and that actually feels good.

This course is for beginners, seasoned marketers, and anyone who is looking to consciously elevate their newsletter game.

Storytelling is an art that connects all of us, on the most primal and ancestral level, so using newsletters to revive folklore is a truly worthy mission!

Providers, Aesthetics & Branding

We'll begin with the basics, helping you understand why finding an email marketing provider you actually love working with, and feel comfortable creating in, will help to reinvigorate your email marketing approach.

The aesthetic of your newsletter will be determined by the experience you want your readers to have, and we'll pinpoint this together.

Instead of it being a drag to create, these simple changes will help you to fall back in love with email marketing.

Content & Ideas

Deviating from all the uninspired advice out there, this juicy section will elevate your content strategy to the next level, finding ways to bring both you and your community into a space that feels so warm and inviting.

The goal here is to create a newsletter that you actually enjoy putting together, and that your community actually wants to open.

This section is all about creating a meaningful story and nourishing your community, in an easeful way where you share what you already know and love!

Scheduling & Subject Lines

How can we make your email marketing strategy manageable for you? We have radical views on scheduling, and this lesson will help you ease into a strategy that feels so good, and so achievable.

Once you create the most amazing newsletter, how do you ensure it actually gets opened?

Creative subject lines go a long way in getting your emails seen, and the examples and info here are so fresh and new. You'll walk away feeling excited, buzzing with ideas.

Hi, I’m Arti!

I'm the Founder of Forage and Sustain - an earthy destination dedicated to spiritual ecology and conscious business.

Intuitive businesses are the way of the future, and I created this course after seeing a remarkable difference in my own newsletter strategy. Once I switched to a provider I loved, started creating more meaningful and valuable content, my community responded resoundingly.

This course has two purposes:

1: To help you reinvigorate your newsletter strategy so that you actually feel good in what you're sharing, and so that your community actually wants to open your emails, helping you get conversions and loyal, interested customers.

2: To help us ground down as a collective, through storytelling, radical reciprocity, and the re-shaping of culture. No 20-second rapid speed videos here! We're all about providing true meaning in what we do, so that instead of creating content just to satisfy an algorithm, you can show up as YOU.